Terms and Conditions


All sessions are 60 minutes in length. The session begins at the agreed time and ends at the agreed time. We ask that clients arrive in plenty of time for their appointment as we cannot guarantee that we can go over the agreed end time.

We prefer to speak to all clients via phone, text or e-mail before commitment to a first session in order to establish the reasons for seeking out therapy, to assess the issue and to give you a chance to get to assess us and see if we are the right therapist for you. Please ask as many questions as you like, we will always answer openly and honestly.

In the first session, we will assess the issue in more depth, get to know you and build up a therapeutic plan that you can believe in. This session will include education on hypnotherapy and the initiation of the first hypnosis. We will then discuss with you how many sessions we believe may be necessary and the types of techniques that we believe will help you reach your goal. A commitment to a multi-session approach is vital in achieving lasting results for you. Hypnotherapy is not a one and done process. Some clients who have simple issues may see a benefit in just one session, but this is an exception. Around 95% of clients will require between 3-6 sessions depending on the issue.

Subsequent sessions will focus on reviewing successes or challenges since the last session and conducting relevant treatment. There is no set number of sessions as each individual case is different. To give you an idea what to expect, most clients will undertake between 3 and 6 sessions depending on their differing needs. For weight loss or clients struggling with addiction then the number of sessions may be higher and require ongoing support. We will, of course, discuss this with you before treatment commences.

Important to note

Often issues that clients are attending for may have further issues underlying the problem that you were unaware were there may come to the forefront during sessions. It is important to dig deeper and tackle all the issues in order to get a result. This may include tackling emotional issues. Our therapists are empathetic and have a deep understanding of overcoming traumatic experiences, changing limiting beliefs and making a positive change. You will be supported every step of the way and will always be in a safe environment.


  • We ask that clients arrive in plenty of time for their appointment to ensure that a parking space can be found and that the full session can be utilised. We are unable to guarantee that an appointment will be the full 60 minutes if you are late due to clients in the following sessions. Clients are responsible for finding their own parking space. A plan of possible parking spaces will be sent out with this document. We have never had a situation where a client has been unable to park.
  • The Brewood Therapy Centre is a safe and secure environment for conducting hypnotherapy. The therapy centre only has one therapy room and therefore only one of our therapists will be at the centre at any time. If you wish for someone to accompany you to the centre for your safety and peace of mind, then we actively encourage you to do so. Tea and coffee are provided for those that accompany you.
  • We will always be clear and upfront about your therapy. We will explain in detail what we shall be doing and agree with you a plan of action going forward.
  • Please do contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have regarding hypnotherapy or your treatment at any point. We are happy to take phone calls and answer any questions that you may have.
  • Please do practice any techniques we ask you to do between sessions. We ask that clients actively participate in their recovery in order to get the most benefit. Hypnotherapy is not a silver bullet and only works if you engage in the treatment.
  • A reminder text will be sent out 48 hours before the session to allow for payment if by bank transfer.


Payment can be made via bank transfer or via a cash payment on the day. We currently do not have the facilities in place to accept card payments at the session. We ask that payments are made 48 hours before the session at the latest. The exception to this is cash payments which can be made on the day. It is important to note that Brewood does not have a cash machine so any money should be withdrawn before coming for therapy.

Bank details will be provided should you choose to pay via bank transfer.

Single sessions are charged at £60 per session.

Three sessions booked together at £160 (10% saving)

Six sessions booked together £305 (15% saving)

Sessions booked in bulk offer a saving overall and shows commitment towards your goal. More than the booked sessions may be needed but these can be taken on a session by session basis. Savings only apply when sessions are booked in bulk. Booking 3 single sessions does not mean that the final session is only £40. Each session will be charged at £60.


We ask that clients give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if an appointment needs to be cancelled or rearranged. If a session is cancelled within 24 hours of the session, then we reserve the right to charge a £30 cancellation fee. This is to cover the room cost and the therapists time.

We understand that in some circumstances it is not possible to give the minimum 24 hours’ notice. If this is the case, then please contact us immediately and let us know. In these circumstances, we may be able to rearrange the session without charge. However, if the rearranged session is then cancelled a £30 charge will be made.

If we need to cancel an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment, then the rearrange session will only be £30. We think it is only fair that the same rules apply to us.

Data protection and privacy policy

During the initial session, our therapists will take down data including your name, contact details, address and D.O.B. This information is kept on paper only and never uploaded onto a computer. All information is stored offsite for protection. This information is needed in the event that we need to get in touch with you in between sessions.

Once therapy has been completed, your data is kept for 6 months and then destroyed. Any submissions made through the website are deleted as soon as we have replied to your request. Any e-mails sent are deleted on competition of therapy.

We will never share your data with anyone or contact you to try and sell you sessions or recordings. That is a promise. Contact will only be made should an appointment need to be cancelled or rearranged, or to send any information that is relevant to your treatment over to you. We do like to check up on clients after therapy has ended and with your permission will contact you via e-mail or text 30 days after your final session to see how you are getting on.

Permission to contact your doctor

It may be necessary for one of our therapists to write to your doctor and inform them that you will be undertaking hypnotherapy. This is done for your protection. During the initial session, our therapists will ask for your doctors’ details and ask for your permission to contact your doctor. A copy of the letter to be sent will be shown to you and a consent form will need to be signed by you. We will never contact your doctor without your permission unless we believe there is a serious risk of you hurting yourself.

Where to find us

Brewood Therapy Centre, 3 Church Road, Brewood, ST19 9BT

There are plenty of places in Brewood to park for free. We do ask that you ensure that you have enough time to find a parking space as the village can become busy at certain points throughout the day (school opening and closing for example).

Free session

As a thank you to all clients that come to see us for hypnotherapy, if you refer us to a friend or family member and they come to us for therapy then we will offer you a free session as a thank you. This session can either be a top up on your current therapy or a session based around relaxation and confidence boosting.

Agreeing to Terms and Conditions 

Before the commencement of therapy, you will be asked to sign to agree to the terms and conditions.