Cigarette - stop smoking hypnosis - dental hypnosis

Is smoking damaging your oral health?

It is common knowledge that smoking damages the lungs, but you may not be aware of how damaging it can be for your teeth.

You may be aware of the bad breath and stained teeth, but smoking also restricts the oxygen in your bloodstream which can lead to gum disease. Smoking stops infected gums from healing and leads to a faster progression of the disease than non-smokers. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults in the UK.

Hypnotherapy can help you eliminate smoking from your life in a single session.

Smoking is not an addiction, it is a habit and one that can be easily eliminated with the right motivation. Your body has tolerated smoking but it is not something that it naturally enjoys. By becoming a non-smoker, not only will your physical health improve, but so will your mental health and more importantly your oral health.

In a single 2 hour hypnosis session you can become a non smoker for life through the use of suggestion, establishing new empowering behaivours and meeting the original intent of smoking. For more information visit us at Wiser Horizons Hypnotherapy.


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