Plastic Teeth - Bruxism Hypnosis

Assisting Clients with Bruxism

Bruxism is an expression of tension within the body that is outside of the patient’s control. It is an unconscious behaviour that is played out to deal with stress (both actual and perceived) and can include clenching of the jaw and grinding of the teeth.

As this is an unconscious behaviour, hypnosis is a highly effective therapeutic intervention as it deals with unconscious behaviours. Helping patients deal with bruxism can lead to greater oral hygiene and prevent possible invasive procedures further down the line.

Training the patient how to experience relaxation is the first step. In hypnosis, suggestions are given to transfer this relaxation to the jaw. Once this has been established, the patients will be taught to anchor that feeling and trigger it off when needed. Further suggestions can then be used to boost feelings of self control.

Patients will be taught stress management techniques as well as how to break down thoughts to reduce stress levels overall.


If you have a patient that is struggling or may benefit from hypnotherapy for bruxism, or wish to discuss how hypnosis can be integrated into your practice then contact Ed on 07921 220557, email at or fill in our contact form.